Learn Spanish or English On-Line

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At Language Tuition Nottingham not only do we offer face to face private tuition and group sessions we also provide an on-line private tuition service to teach you Spanish or English from the comfort of your own home saving you time and money. Learn Spanish or English when and where you want with complete flexibility.

Before commencing your on-line lessons we provide a FREE trial session to allow our learners access to the virtual class room environment and to ensure everything is functioning properly. This process also guarantees our learners have a clear understanding of how the system operates and makes sure there are no problems during a session which could interfere with the learning process. The trial session provides our learners the opportunity to experience how the on-line lessons will be conducted and the chance to have a practice learning with one our experienced, native teachers. We believe our customers should not pay for a product that they haven’t tried or tested.

Each lesson is 60 minutes in length and includes a homework exchange via email.

What Is Electa-Live?

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In order to provide the most effective learning experience Language Tuition Nottingham counts on the ultimate virtual classroom software, Electa-Live. Unlike other on-line lessons taught via Skype, Electa Live provides a whole host of useful teaching tools which are easy to use and help enhance your learning experience. Electa-Live is a virtual classroom and a real-time on-line collaboration environment designed for teaching and training over the Internet. With ELecta Live you can arrange live classes, on-line lectures, web meetings, group sessions, individual one–on–one sessions and webinars – all taking place real-time over the web. It is a universal on-line training solution supported on multiple platforms – Windows, MAC OS X, Linux as well as on Android phones and tablets.

For a quick insight into the E-Lecta Live virtual classroom environment take a look at the short video below.

How does it work?

Hassle free; just follow 4 simple steps…


Get in touch with us via email or by telephone to tell us about you, your particular needs and to book a slot with us. Please ensure all bookings need to consider the United Kingdom Time Zone.


With Electa-Live there is no need to download any software all we require from you is a free 20 minute trial session where our tutor can run through the setup procedure. This will offer you the opportunity to test your headset, webcam, microphone and familiarise yourself with the software.


Following the free trial session please proceed with the on-line payment on our website via PayPal.


Connect with your private tutor and enjoy your first lesson!

Why learn with us?

  • Our business is a UK based language academy established since 2008 with hundreds of students who we teach face to face and on-line
  • We deal with you directly, without having to go through a lengthy application process
  • Our lessons are taught by professional, experienced and native teachers from Spain for students looking for the European Spanish accent and pronunciation
  • Our teachers live and work in England and are completely fluent in the English language which suits students who require a common language to conduct the lessons
  • Avoid impersonal companies, amateur teachers and disappointment and learn with a small team of professionals

What are the advantages of learning Spanish or English on-line?

  • Lessons are cost-effective – no travel expenditure involved
  • A convenient and flexible service which will allow you to learn from the comfort of your own home
  • Real-time conversations, similar to having the tutor in the same room as you
  • Dynamic and interactive lessons allowing you to share documents, links and make use of the fantastic array of resources available on-line during the lessons
  • Electa-Live is free for our students’, easy to use, environmentally friendly and allows you to communicate via videoconferencing with anyone in the world without geographical limitations
  • Prices

    • 1 lesson: £27.00
    • 5 lessons: £121.50
    • 10 lessons: £229.00


    What do I need to do to begin my online lessons?

    Learning Spanish with Electa-Live is similar to having a face to face lesson in your own home as Electa-Live video conferencing means that you and your teacher can see and hear each other clearly, exchange documents via email and share information without limitations.
    To get started you need to:

    STEP 1

    Have access to a computer or laptop with a good and reliable internet connection.

    STEP 2

    Once the first session has been arranged please take some time to set up your microphone, headphones and webcam for a dynamic video conferencing lesson.

    STEP 3

    You’re now ready to begin learning Spanish with us!


    Before finalising the payment, make sure you get in touch with us via email to confirm the date and time of your appointment. Once payment is finalised, you will receive a payment and booking confirmation email from us which you can print for your own records.

    Cancellation & Rescheduling

    A 48 hour notice period is necessary for cancellations and the rescheduling of on-line private tuition. However if we, Spanish Tuition Nottingham, provider of the service have any technical issue prior or during the lesson which hinder or prevent the session from being carried out successfully we will reschedule the session.
    Prior to the lesson students must have tested their equipment and make sure they have a fast enough internet connection. Failure to do this could result in a charge to cover the booked slot. If you have any queries feel free to contact us via email or telephone.

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