Spanish Lessons For Children At Language Tuition Nottingham

At Language Tuition Nottingham we are keen to provide the opportunity of learning Spanish and English to all levels, ages and abilities so as part of our continuing development we have created Spanish language workshops for kids. Our tutors have gained extensive knowledge and experience from teaching Spanish to children in many schools around the region and its with this knowledge and experience we have developed a fantastic language program which aims to break down common Spanish language challenges through fun, interactive and dynamic teaching methods.

Spanish For Children Saturday Club 2017

M:Monday, Tu:Tuesday, W:Wednesday, Th:Thursday, S:Saturday

Course Dates Times Length Fees
Spanish Weekend Club (8-11rs) Every Saturday 10:30am-11.30am 10 Weeks £60
Spanish Weekend Club (4-7yrs) Every Saturday 10:30am-11.30pm 10 Weeks £60

Benefits Of Learning A Language Early

Here are a few reasons why learning Spanish can benefit your child’s development:

  • Widen Their World: A language is a window to another culture. Being bilingual will help children to feel at home and confident in different cultures.
  • Improve Their Overall Communication Skills: It has been proven that bilingual children tend to have more developed communication skills than monolinguals.
  • Enhance Their Professional Prospects: A second language can help your child to get into better schools, colleges, universities and can improve chances of professional positions and to stand out in job interviews.
  • To Be Able To Speak Like A Native: Young children have the ability to learn a foreign language accent–free.
  • Sheer Enjoyment: For children, learning another language is often a lot of fun. Our teachers use great materials and resources to make the lessons feel like play time.

If you would like more information about our Spanish language program for children or have any questions please get in contact. You can find all our contact information via our contact page.
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