Anastassia Boiko

Hi there!

My name is Ana, which is short for Anastasiia and I am from Ukraine. I have always been passionate about learning English, and I have been teaching this beautiful language for the past 8 years! My teaching journey started in China back in 2015, and I’ve been in love with what I do ever since. 

The best thing about being a teacher for me is the students. I have met so many wonderful people and I like to think that just as much that they have learned from me – I have also learned from them.

Every language learner has their own fascinating story to tell and I absolutely love being part of their English adventure!

Outside work I enjoy walking, reading, doing puzzles and crosswords and giving my fluffy cat (his name is Cat) a big hug. I am also trying to get better at cooking and playing the piano.

Can’t wait to meet you in the classroom!


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