Refund policy:

This policy applies to all students planning to enrol on a language course or for 1-2-1 tuition, or who are already enrolled at Language Tuition Nottingham (LTN).

If a student wishes to cancel a booking with LTN, they must give their refund request to LTN using the “Fee Refunds form”. You can get this form in person from the manager of the school or by sending an email to:

The request for a refund application is only complete if the “Fee Refunds form” is:
● signed by the student,
● submitted with all the documents that support the application (e.g. travel tickets, doctor’s report, or any other relevant documentation),
● contains the correct bank details for the refunds to be made.

Refunds will be made by LTN to the person named on the “Fee Refunds form”, not to any other person.

LTN will give different rates of refunds based on the following cases:
● If a refund is requested before the course starts – Refund of 70% of course costs.
● If a refund is requested after the course has started and up to 30% completed – Refund of 50% of course costs.
● If a refund is requested after the course has started and between 30 and 50% completed – Refund of 25% of course costs.
● If a refund is requested after 50% of the course has been completed – No refund.
● If you do not attend the course without contacting LTN – No refund.
● If you are expelled from the school for not complying with internal policies (such as repeated truancy or abusive behaviour, by actions that put other students or teachers in danger) or for illegal activities according to the British law – No refund.

The following items are non-refundable:
● Printed study materials (such as coursebooks).
● Admin payments.
● Commissions for payments made by credit cards.
● Mail, phone, text expenses.
● Any other special requests from the student.

● Cancellations of 1 to 1 tuition/private lessons must be made with at least 24 hours notice, or there will be no refund.
● If the student visa is rejected before the course starts, LTN will refund 80% of the total payment made for the student. The student must provide evidence of the visa rejection in order to process the fee refund.
● If the student wishes to change one LTN course for another one, there will not be any charge if this change is made before the course starts. If this change is made after the course has started, LTN will transfer 80% of the course fees. Students can request a course exchange only once. You cannot transfer the payment to another language school.
● In the event that LTN cannot deliver the course that the student has paid for, LTN can offer another course to the student or will refund 100% of the cost of the course.
● If you have any physical/mental health issues that may require support, or that LTN staff need to be aware of in order to deliver services as usual, you should tell us about these on your registration form before starting your course, so that LTN may assess whether they can make reasonable adjustments to their services. In the event that we do not have the capacity/ability to make reasonable adjustments, LTN will have to decline the application. Please note that if you do not tell us about any special needs until after the course has started, we may not be able to offer any additional support and no refund will be available.
● Note that LTN’s teacher training courses (eg CertTESOL/CertPT) have separate refund policies which are outlined in the course contract for each respective course.

If the student meets the requirements for a refund, this will be processed in 7 working days. This will be paid into the named account in the “Fee Refunds form”. If the bank rejects the payment because of mistakes in the “Fee Refunds Form” LTN will deduct the bank fee from the amount to be refunded. The cost of any international transfer will be deducted from the amount to be refunded to the student.

Current pricing for our courses is available on our website:

LTN reserves the right to decline service to clients (provided this is not because of race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or religious belief).


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