Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.

Language Tuition Nottingham (LTN) is committed to safeguarding the welfare of all its students. Particular attention is given to any under 18 (16-17 year old) members of our student community by implementing Safeguarding and Child Protection measures.

The LTN student community is for the most part over 18 years of age. However, we welcome 16-17 year olds to join our English and Spanish language courses. In practice, this age group is more commonly present in our summer English courses, and GCSE/A-Level Spanish courses. Parents and guardians of under 18s should understand that their children will be studying in an 18+ educational environment. Periodically, specific closed-group Young Learner focussed English language courses may also take place.

The LTN Safeguarding policy extends to all 18+ and under 18s in our student community, each individual having equal entitlement to be protected from harm regardless of nationality, race, ability or gender. 

In summary, our Safeguarding and Child Protection approach includes:

  • Designating a safeguarding team within the LTN staff.
  • Providing regular training for the safeguarding team.
  • Providing PREVENT training to all teaching staff.
  • Endeavouring to protect the all members of the school from the threat of direct harm within the school community and premises.
  • Implementing procedures to deal with any staff’s or students’ safeguarding or welfare concerns.
  • Following strict procedures for recruitment of staff, including mandatory DBS checks for staff responsible for under 18s in a classroom setting.
  • Ensuring systems are in place for the wellbeing of our under 18s, including measures to address any specific issues arising from the presence of under 18s in a largely adult educational environment.
  • Having a code of behaviour for our staff and partners, in which information about child protection and good practice is shared.
  • Being aware of potential sources and signs of abuse, and having procedures to deal with abuse should it arise.
  • Sharing information about any concerns with appropriate agencies, and involving parents, guardians and children appropriately.
  • Consulting with our students mid-course (and via the end of stay feedback form) for any suggestions that may inform our policy

If you would like more detailed information, a copy of the full Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is available upon request to the school manager: .

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