Student Truancy and Punctuality Policy

Truancy is the action of staying away from school without good reason. Punctuality is the action of arriving on time.

Students are required to attend their lessons at the stated times and dates of their course. Students must do this to successfully meet the course objectives and be awarded a certificate.

Any failure to attend, arrive late, or leave before the end of the lesson will be recorded on the attendance register. Arriving in the classroom more than 15 minutes after the start of the lesson is considered a late arrival.  An unplanned absence of half or more of a lesson will be calculated as a full absence. Students must notify LTN in advance if they think they will arrive late.

LTN will take action if there are repeated late arrivals, early departures, or absence from lessons without good reason. Repeated cases of truancy could result in a warning and/or loss of the course. If a student is in the UK on a student visa, and their attendance falls below 80%, LTN will contact the authorities (e.g. embassy sponsors and/or the Home Office), which could result in the loss of the student’s visa and right to stay in the UK.

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