Over the years we have been lucky enough to teach Spanish to many different people from a whole range of different backgrounds and for various different reasons. As a way to share some of the success we have had with our students and as a way to help offer a clearer picture as to how we operate and support our customers we have created a testimonials page from messages sent to us from some of our customers. Please feel free to have a read through the feedback we have received and we welcome any comments which could help develop and improve the service we offer.

What our learners say about us!

“Dear LTN’ team,

The LTN is a very organized school and confident. Everyone are friendly and polite. The environment are amazing, good climate and interesting. I’am so glad.
Thank you for all. I really get perceive my my improve in my work after 4 weeks classes”.

“Patricia, Brazil”

“Dear Angela,

I hope you are OK. I am writing to report on our afternoon at the Language Tuition Nottingham. The experience was great, our students loved it. They enjoyed the group work and the dynamic teachers, as well as the variety of the activities and the subjects dealt with. The levels were well adapted to the students who could enjoy the full content of the classes and express themselves openly. This was a successful experience, so thank you very much for preparing all this for us. Please thank all the teachers who participated. Also, thank you for your warm welcoming of both students and teachers!”.

“Virginie Daulon, France”

“Dear Loli and Angelica,

I hope this email finds you well. As the new semester begins, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable support and guidance throughout the last semester. Yangni and I both got 70+ in our Spanish course.

Your dedication to teaching and your passion for the Spanish language have truly made a significant impact on my learning journey. Your patience, encouragement, and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure that I understood the material did not go unnoticed, and I am incredibly grateful for all the time and effort you invested in me. I look forward to the opportunity to continue learning from you both in the upcoming semester.

I wanted to share with you that I have recently concluded my exchange program at the University of Nottingham in January and have returned to the University of Nottingham Ningbo China. While I am back in Ningbo, my classmate, Yangni, remains in the UK. Despite the physical distance, we both remain eager to continue our Spanish language studies together.

With this in mind, I wanted to inquire whether you offer online Spanish classes. If so, could you kindly provide details regarding the structure of the classes, availability, and pricing? Knowing that we could continue our studies with you, even from different parts of the world, would be incredibly reassuring and exciting for both of us.

Thank you once again for your exceptional teaching and support. I look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully continuing our Spanish language journey together”.


“This English school is the best you will find, a month after starting my course, I passed my IELTS and now I will be able to make my dream come true and start my master’s degree, thanks to Angela, who is always very attentive and to the wonderful teachers: Megan, Rabbi, Marius, Tania, Anna, Taal among others, without you this would not be possible, I had the best experience learning English”.

“Sarah Rodriguez, Mexico”

“That was one of the best period of my life. I learned a lot of things in 3 months, from the incredibly, amazing teachers. I’d recommend this lovely school to everyone. The lessons were the best and really enjoyable. I’m going to miss the school a lot, especially the amazing teachers”.

“Kovacs Benedek”

“I have been really happy to be here and to found this school. Everyone is amazing. The staff is friendly, helpful and nice with me. I will recommend this school to everyone because I’ve learnt a lot and I’ve enjoyed my learning process at the same time. Thanks you for your time and for make me feel at home”.

“Clara Navarro”

“I’m writing to let you about my study at Language Tuition Nottingham when I started my English was not very well
I struggle with pronunciation and writing since I study its improved, I studied new vocabulary in IELTS I practice listen and speaking
I did more topics in reading. I met a lovely teacher and friends from different countries it’s fabulous, the most challenge me at this moment is writing I’m still continuing to improve my writing I also think to book my first test in January”.

“With my best wishes, Mohammed Ahmed”

“I really like that free #English lessons are offered to support those who can’t afford them, and also the desire to make those lessons valuable to the students, not just a way to train the people as an English teacher as a second language”.

Student from The Teacher Training course – #CertTESOL

Highly recommended!!! When I arrived to Nottingham I found this academy and It was the best option I could have chosen. After 3 months I can keep a conversation without being worry about my English. The teachers are amazing and always ready to help.

“Paula Sanchez”

My daughter loves her weekly Spanish lessons. The activities are always fun, involving speaking, reading and writing Spanish. The teachers are lovely-always positive, encouraging and enthusiastic. My daughter’s Spanish has dramatically improved and she can’t wait to do her GCSE Spanish with them! We are so glad we found you. Thank you LTN.

“Parent of one of our students from the Spanish Kids’ Club”

“I really love the Spanish lessons. The teachers make learning fun. I enjoy all the games, activities and test. I absolute love learning new vocabulary and speaking Spanish throughout the lesson.

“Student from the Spanish Kids’ Club”

“We asked Language Tuition Nottingham (LTN) to give our daughter, Meghan, some lessons, because she had lost confidence during her school Spanish classes. Meg had become unwilling to raise her hand to answer questions and wasn’t enjoying Spanish anymore. So, we asked Angela from LTN to intervene. Angela skilfully set about rebuilding Meg’s confidence through lessons which targeted her specific needs. Later, we asked for additional support with spoken Spanish – Angela was only too happy to adapt her lessons to our request. As a result, Meghan is now back on track, so much so, her school teacher has commented positively several times about her the improvement he’s seen. More importantly, Meg is now happy with her Spanish again. She has also recently received LTN’s Student of the Month Certificate!! Thanks Angela for your expert tuition, we’re very grateful.

I hope this helps, cheers,”


“I have thought about doing a beginners Spanish language course for a while and so glad I chose Language Tuition Nottingham – my tutor was so understanding, flexible and made the classes fun and informative. I am looking forward to starting the next course and hopefully will continue with those I did the beginners course with – I just wish I started earlier!

Muchas Gracias!”


“I can thoroughly recommend Angela and Language Tuition Nottingham. I have been having 1:1 Spanish lessons with Angela for just over a year now and it is going really well!
I love the flexibility that 1:1 classes gives me in planning my time and the concentrated hour of learning that it provides.
Initially my classes were face to face but they have been on-line since lockdown, so I have been able to still make progress. I am really happy with both methods as on-line learning has worked in just the same way as face to face as Angela plans the lessons well and gives good and thorough feedback on my pronunciation and vocabulary.
Thank you Angela!”

“Sheila Hyde”

“I’ve just collected my CertTESOL Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, certified by Trinity College London 🎉🎉🎉

Language Tuition Nottingham ran the course, which was meant to run from January to April 2020. Covid had other plans, however, which meant the course finally ended in September.

The course followed a ‘blended learning’ style – a combination of online and face-to-face learning and teaching.

The two week face-to-face teaching block in April was replaced by four weeks of online teaching via Zoom (one session per week throughout June) to students located around the world. 

This was followed in September by a one week face-to-face teaching block, based in the Language Tuition school in Nottingham.

My fellow trainee teachers were a mixture of ages, genders and nationalities and were supportive throughout, as well as fun to be around.

The ESOL students were keen, committed and fully engaged in the lessons. They were appreciative of our time and efforts in helping them to develop and improve their use of English.

Covid meant that the course leaders had to adapt how the content was delivered: I am now able to teach lessons online – not my intention at the start, but a great skill to gave nonetheless – as well as in person.

The course was intense, but I got so much out of it.  Teaching students was thoroughly rewarding – the best part, I’d say.

Thanks to Marius and Angela who delivered the course under difficult and ever-changing circumstances – we got there in the end!

“Marion Norman”

“I undertook the CerTesol course during the pandemic of 2020 which posed many organisational and logistical problems for the world. Language Tuition Nottingham coped admirably throughout, and even managed to include a bonus for us, learning to teach online via zoom.

The course itself was a huge opportunity and challenge. The tutors were extremely supportive and fair, and I thank them all for this.Their expertise and wisdom was invaluable.

It is not an experience I will forget. Thank you so much”.

“Roger Knott-Fayle”

“My daughter and I were in the month of August studying English at this school. Angela is a charming, professional person with a special disposition to help you. Our teacher, Jon, dedicated, very capable, involved in your learning, prepares phenomenal classes and is the one who is a teacher by vocation. More could not be asked for. It has been a very good experience and we will surely repeat. The school’s unbeatable location to be able to walk from where we lived. Thank you very much for everything, Angela and Jon. (Original) Estuvimos mi hija y yo en el mes de agosto estudiando inglés en esta escuela. Ángela es una persona encantadora, profesional y con una disposición especial para ayudarte. Nuestro profesor, Jon, entregado , muy capaz, implicado en tu aprendizaje ,se prepara la clases fenomenal y se la que es profesor por vocación. Más no se puede pedir. Ha sido una muy buena experiencia y seguroque repetiremos. La situación de la escuela inmejorable para poder ir andando desde donde vivíamos. Muchas gracias por todo, Ángela y Jon”.


“I contacted Angela around a year ago to discuss re-starting Spanish lessons after a 20 year gap! I have been trying to teach myself over recent years although I was growing increasingly frustrated when I couldn’t say anything useful while on holiday in Spain!! It was a little scary to start again with the group lessons but Angela put me at ease straight away. The lessons are engaging and fun and we are often laughing during the 90 minute sessions! It’s been great to come back to learning and the zoom lessons made it so easy to continue in recent months. I’m so glad I came back to learning Spanish and my confidence grows with each lesson! Muchas gracias!!”

Happy for you to put my name! 😊😊😊

“Sarah Stern”

“Private 1 to 1 Spanish lessons with Angela

I am a beginner and I started with ten 1 to 1 sessions with Angela in mid-April 2020. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions these hour long sessions were conducted over the Zoom platform. This worked well. In addition to face to face contact, Zoom allows the teacher to write at the side of the PowerPoint style presentations. At the end of the session, I received the presentations from the session in PDF format by email. This enable me to be fully involved with the sessions with only limited note taking required. The PDF presentations made revision of the topic taught easier.
I had regular one hour of teaching every Monday.
Session one we covered general greetings, courtesy words, useful expressions.
Session two, numbers and simple arithmetic.
Sessions three and four, ways of describing people and family relations.
Sessions four and five, further ways of describing people and activities they engage in.
Sessions six, simple verbs/conjugation.
Sessions seven and eight, more practice with regular verbs.
Sessions nine and ten, irregular verbs.
At the end of each session, Angela would set some homework for the week.
I really enjoyed the sessions and would recommend the 1 to 1 lessons with Angela.
I am now having a short break and taking time revise and to consolidate the learning to date. My aim is have a series of group lessons with Language Tuition in the not too distant future.
Graham (65 years)
Hasta Luego Angela!”

“Graham Lowings”

“For over two years my Tuesdays mornings have been dedicated to Spanish classes at Language Tuition Nottingham. There one-to-one sessions are a joy – improving my skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and mos specially immersing myself in the language though in-depth conversation about anything and everything. During this time my familiarity with the language has develop apace, and it is so gratifying when I find myself able to read novels, listen to podcasts and watch films – maybe not perfectly, but with so much better confidence and understanding. Muchisimas gracias Language Tuition Nottingha!

“Laurie Cohen”

“I’ve Studied #TESOL at Language Tuition Nottingham last summer. The course was intensive and busy but also well structured. Tutors helped us a lot during sessions and they had a very positive and professional approach. Angela also had been very supportive during our face to face session days by making sure we were well looked after both the online component and the face to face component were designed to help learners improve their skills and get confident. I highly recommended this school to every one. Thank you!”

“Bella xxx”

“Excellent in all respects! Well qualified, experienced language teachers. Large, well equipped classrooms. Lovely friendly atmosphere. I completed my #CertTESOL course here and recommended Language Tuition Nottingham 100%”

“Louisa Weston”

“Tania is a great teacher! She makes our classes fun and is always giving me the encouragement I need. Her English is actually better than mine 🙂

Angela is very friendly and always greets you when you arrive. She also loves rum too much!


“After teaching Spanish as a second language in England for over 10 years, Language Tuition Nottingham offered me the opportunity to take on a new challenge, training to become a teacher of English to speakers of other languages, and I have definitely not regretted it.

I started the Trinity certTESOL course in January 2019, Language Tuition Nottingham offer a blended course with two parts, an online theory component and a two week face to face teaching practice.

The first online part was through the certTESOL Trinity portal, it was easy to navigate with clear information and plenty of practice. I found it a very good tool to get familiar with the different teaching techniques, lesson planning, class management, grammar points, etc. Although it required a good amount of work, the fact that it was online allowed us to learn in our own time while meeting the deadlines and attending online tutorials.

The two week teaching practice was a very intense but worthwhile experience. Over two weeks I was able to put in practice what I had learnt. With the support and guidance of the trainers, I planned and delivered a variety of lessons to groups of students of elementary and intermediate level, as well as a one to one lesson, and had the chance to observe other lessons delivered both by the trainers and other trainees. There was an emphasis on reflection and self evaluation, which I find essential to develop as a language teacher and to understand the learners needs and objectives.

All in all, although heavily demanding it has transformed my teaching. I would do it again without hesitation. The course was thorough, there was a huge amount of support from tutors and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to gain a professional qualification as an English language teacher. Thanks,”

“Tania Gonzalez”

“I’ve been learning with Language Tuition Nottingham for a month, the experience has been fantastic. The treatment of the girls with me has been wonderful; both from Susan (my native teacher) whom I thank for her infinite patience and thank her for helping me to improve my level of English a little more, through fun personalized classes, and by Angela (the owner of the academy ).

I would not hesitate to recommend Language Tuition Nottingham for all those people who need to learn or improve their level of English; In fact, if I return to Nottingham in the future, I will repeat with this academy without any doubt.

Greetings to all :)”

“Patricia Pérez Vilariño”

“If you wish to pass your IELTS or if you want to learn Spanish, Language Tuition Nottingham is the perfect environment to do so!

Not only that it is situated in the heart of Nottingham, with close access to public transportation, but the teachers and and their teaching methods and their lovely nature make Language Tuition the best place to upgrade your language skills”.

“Andra Cîrstoiu”

“Excellent class and excellent teachers. My daughter learnt spanish there on Tuesday afternoons with a home ed group. She thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you”.

“Johanna Cordwell “

“Excellent teacher and excellent people!”

“Eleonora Volpi”

“My two children have been attending LTN for over a year. They both love kids club and their teachers Angela and Jessica are fantastic with them. I also decided to attend a short course to help the children with their vocabulary. I’m now going to start an online course with Angela to improve my Spanish further. I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn a language with the school”.

“Áine O’Sullivan”

“I would wholeheartedly recommend the short course for anyone interested in teaching English as a second language either in Britain or abroad. It offers an excellent introduction for anyone looking to move into this area of work, and the course also provides valuable material for experienced teachers looking to update and extend their knowledge and skills. As a more experienced teacher, I especially appreciated the opportunity to explore methods of integrating modern technologies into classroom activities.

The course was methodical and well-organised, demonstrating a high level of expertise and planning, but it was also conducted in an enjoyably relaxed and informal atmosphere. The opportunity this afforded to share ideas and experiences with practising teachers was particularly useful. All of the key areas of the subject were covered and discussed, providing a solid grounding for anyone wishing to travel abroad and teach for the first time. Equally, the course offers an excellent foundation for people planning to undertake any of the more extensive qualifications in English teaching.

During just 12 hours, the course managed to incorporate a broad and stimulating range of activities for the participants. I would unreservedly recommend the course for anyone interested in exploring this subject”.

“Robert Lister”

“I wanted to learn Spanish for a future post, and found the Language Tuition Centre. What an incredible place, bright and beautiful school near the train station. The atmosphere friendly and welcoming, and the teachers professional and tailor their courses to suit your needs. I was impressed with the high standard of teaching. As an ex -foreign language teacher myself, initially it was difficult to put myself in “student’s” shoes, however, the teacher Angela put me at my ease and I felt happy with the progress I made. A jewel of a language school.”

“Beth Clark”

“I signed up for a holiday Spanish course with LTN and I haven’t looked back! I seriously doubted my ability to progress beyond ‘Hola’ but Angela and Paola have shown me even I can do it!.my individual lessons go at my own pace and mix up grammar with games to make learning fun. LTN teachers are all native speakers and are professional, really welcoming and friendly. They have a comprehensive library and DVD collection and organise social events. I would really recommend LTN especially for those (like me) who don’t feel overconfident as they will help liberate your inner linguist!…..book me my holiday to Spain!!”

“Selina Daly”

“Great teacher and very good, enjoyable learning experience. Good that there are teachers from Spain. Highly recommended. Good value for money”

“Panos Soultanas”

Language Tuition Nottingham is a fantastic school. Angela and all the teachers are so friendly and the atmosphere is really welcoming, there’s also lots of social evenings too! I had private lessons so was able to focus on exactly what I wanted to learn. My teacher Ana always made the classes really fun and interesting, she was also really patient! All the teachers are native Spanish speakers too, so you get to learn Spanish how it’s really spoken. I’d definitely recommend it!

“Christine Haynes”

“‘I have been learning Spanish with Language Tuition Nottingham for around a year and decided to push my learning to the next level by going on a Spanish holiday course. The holiday included accommodation, breakfast and 3 hours tuition a day. The lessons were interactive, enjoyable and useful. It was amazing to be learning Spanish looking out at the sea!

I was a bit nervous about going alone, but as soon as I met my group, a week before we went, I was put at ease straight away. The group were a mixture of ages and had varying ability and Tania, our teacher, made sure that all the learning was suitable for different abilities.

I would thoroughly recommend the holidays and can’t wait to go on the next one!”


Soy Inglesa y he estudiado español por dos años…..un año en la escuela Language Tuition Nottingham. (Muy cerca el estación de tren). He tenido 15 clases privado y siempre mi profesora esta bien preparada, y hace los clases muy interesante, variada y divertida. Angela y sus profesoras, todos son hablantes nativos, y tan profesional, amable  y paciente.  Me encanta que de vez en cuando Angela organice un evento social como una película español para todos (con sangría por supuesto).

Cualquiera que sea tu objetivo (o edad), te recomiendo la escuela, por el ambiente profesional y amable.

I have been so pleased to find Angela and her teaching staff of native spanish speakers right here by the railway station in nottingham. Over the last year I have had 15 individual lessons and my teacher Ana is extremely hard working and finds different activities to help reinforce learning in a fun way. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and I have  always found everyone to have the patience to communicate with me at my own spanish level. The ocasional free evening social events (such as a spanish film night) are a real bonus.  Whatever your goal in learning spanish I can recommend the school as a profesional friendly environment in which to learn.

“Julia Williams”

“Good pace of learning with good learning exercises. Very clear delivery”

“Ian Whitehead”

“It has been fun!! I feel a lot braver and more open to trying Spanish and will coma back & do the next course. Muchas gracias”

“Selina Daly”

“Really fun and enjoyable classes. Have learnt a lot of useful basic for my trip to Spain”

“Bryony Pears”

“Really great to learn here. Very well organised and felt that I was making great progress. Will definitely continue learning!”

“Raj Bhandal”

“I found it to be a great learning experience very friendly enviroment. Teacher and classmates teaching was very clear and at a suitable place.”

“Jonathan Morley”

“Tania is great about filling you in on work undertaken in class and homework if you are away. Helps you keep up with others in the class.”

“Rachel Emery”

“The staff at Language Tuition Nottingham are kind, friendly and knowledgeable. Their approach to language tuition is modern and I particularly liked the mix of practising listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.”

“Matthew Audley”

“I have really enjoyed learning here. The teachers are native speakers so you learn a lot about Spanish culture as well as the language, which is love.”

“Nina Simpson”

“I love my Spanish classes! Tania is a great teacher, I always feel that we learn a lot, but in a fun and interesting way. Also, overall atmosphere in a school is very friendly, I always feel that I am sincerely welcomed there. Thank you very much to everyone who is working there!”

“Katya Nemkova”

“Learning Spanish with Tania at “Language Tuition Nottingham” has been a very fun and rewarding experience for me. Muchas gracias a todo!”

“Steven Wales”

“Ana is able to go at a pace to suit all paces and is always to assist if something is no understood at the time. I will definitely be back next semester”

“Arti Chauhan”

“It’s great to learn with a native Spanish speaker who uses Spanish most of the time in class and, makes the class go very quickly!”

“Cass Mellor”

“I am grateful for my teacher and classmates to help me on my journey to understand, speak and enjoy Spanish for the first time. Thanks you for your patience x”

“Beth Sporton”

“Learning Spanish in much harder than I thought it would be but Ana is so patient and calm and takes time to make sure everyone understand!! Thanks Ana x”

“Katy White”

“I enjoy the course & working with the group. The course helped me learn some things I didn’t know. We covered a lot and most was valuable. It was a good course for beginners”

“Michael Clemmings”

“I had a great experience with Language Tuition Nottingham. The classes were well-paced, fun & I would highly recommend”

“Sarah Forsyth”

“I enrolled for English lessons last year and kept them on whilst I did my CELTA course. The lessons were exemplary and my teacher Clare was excellent.

I always had a laugh and I always came away from a lesson knowing that I’d learnt something new.
Highly recommend.
Thanks for everything and I’ll miss you Clare!!!!”

“David Greenaway”

“Very good school and very friendly teachers! They are always available to help you with anything! They helped me a with the translation of some important medical files, which were very useful for my doctor!!”

“Fernando Carro Maroto”

“My daughter loves learning Spanish here and has improved so much so quickly very friendly and amazing staff thanks!”

“Natasha Benson”

“I am attending one to one English lesson with Taal,she is an amazing,professional and friendlly teacher.I want to say thank you to her to Angela and to all the team you are very kind .Highly recomended:))))) Grazieeeee Maria ;))))))))))))”

“Maria D’ Ambrosio”

“I have been attending one to one Spanish lessons for 12 months now and have learnt so much during this time. This is a huge thanks to Angela, she is an amazing teacher and has really helped me build my confidence. Everyone at the academy are very warm and friendly and I would highly recommend to anyone who is considering learning Spanish.

Emma Tassi”

“Ana has been a really good teacher, providing us a professional quality of service. She always ensure we understand everything. I really liked and enjoyed the class. Muchas gracias”

Catalina – Iulia Tiron
IT TDX Company

“Hi Angela, Thank you for everything and mostly, a big thank you to Taal for everything that she has done for me, not just professionally but also personally, she is not only a teacher, she is a coach and she gets to know her students very well which is something exceptional that makes you feel really appreciated.

You should advertise English lesson more than you do because I have been in another academy in Nottingham before and I have prefer yours by far, but I have only found yours at the last moment, unfortunately.
Your academy is really good, you are all very nice and we always receive a warm welcome when we pass the door, so it’s always a pleasure to come & see you all.
I have been really happy and satisfied with language tuition Nottingham and I have already recommended it to many people in VF”.

Othilia Pillou
Customer Service Team Leader France

“I really recommend Language Tuition Nottingham, Spanish and English with professionalism and passion”.

Víctor De la O
English student

“Went on a mini course there today. It was really useful and everyone is so friendly. Highly recommended”.

Fiona Twomey
French Teacher

“Being able to study Spanish in Spain was a great opportunity to improve my Spanish, and was really good fun. The total immersion that you get really helped a lot with my confidence when speaking, and I would love to do it again!”

James Clarke

“Having just completed the 5 week conversational course I would highly recommend Language Tuition Nottingham to anyone wanting to get stuck in to learning Spanish. The lessons have built on the basics I already knew, encouraged me to feel more confident speaking and covered a great range of topics. The small class size helped and the atmosphere has been relaxed, friendly and highly enjoyable throughout. I look forward to taking another course and improving further!”

Sophie Gargett

“Language Tuition Nottingham ticks all the boxes when it comes to teaching of foreign languages. Coming from the same professional background in the Czech Republic and teaching English (of different levels) at home has made me realise how difficult it is to pass the knowledge on. My personal passion for ‘everything Spanish’ and my ultimate dream to visit South America soon have been much enhanced by all the lovely girls from here, it’s the knowledge and the passion that can be hardest to convey and they are all brilliant at that. Nothing here seems to be a problem, there’s always a helping hand if you struggle. I do enjoy Ana’s classes very much, she’s very professional and entertaining at the same time and I do hope more people will find ourselves wondering: Why haven’t I enrolled yet?” 🙂

Vladka Potockova

“I would strongly recommend Language Tuition Nottingham. The classes are always interesting and enjoyable. The tutors are very keen and motivated towards helping their students and nothing is ever too much trouble. The lessons are conducted on a friendly environment and I really do enjoy them”.

Peter Swaby

“The lessons so far have been fantastic, it’s a really great atmosphere and Ana has been really supportive to the whole group. We’ve covered a great mix of topics and I feel my confidence in speaking and writing has improved enormously. Would 100% recommend these guys to anyone wanting to learn or improve their Spanish! ”

Bryony Walker

“I really enjoyed the course. As I am going away to South America it was the perfect course for me. I was very helpful”.

Sadie Clare

“Both courses I have attended have been well taught with good classmates and a fun atmosphere.I would highly recommend the school to anyone wishing to learn Spanish”.

Sophie Brown

“I found learning Spanish here really useful and learned something about my own heritage. I have recommended this to a few friends and “la familia”. Muchas gracias Tania”

Kirsche Walker

“I enjoyed the course very much, and friendly people the film was good”

Twisha Mehta

“Great place for learning Spanish in Nottingham. Interactive and lively classroom atmosphere. A perfect balance between education and fun. It was ideal for us to learn some basics before our summer holiday in Spain. I hope to attend advanced classes in the future. I strongly recommend it!”

Guven Demirel
Physicist, Nottingham University, Intermediate Level Student

“Arrate, the tutor, makes it really easy to learn Spanish. I was a total beginner and she was so supportive of me. I was in a group lesson and she really brought to life the language and the culture. She has a really laid back style that really suits me and creates a really good learning environment. I would definitely recommend her for Spanish tuition.”

Lucy Colins
Entrepreneur, Beginners Student

“I started to learn with Spanish Tuition Nottingham a couple of years ago as a complete beginner, as I was off to travel in South America and thought it might be useful to communicate! I loved the set up of the school and continued to study with them when I was back, and have just completed my GCSE exam through them – getting an A! Tania has been my tutor throughout and I definitely couldn’t have been so successful at the language without her. The lessons were highly enjoyable – having fun and making new friends whilst gaining a fantastic skill is what Spanish Tuition Nottingham does best. I would highly recommend this place for anyone wanting to learn Spanish- they make it so easy to do!”

Jo Mcleish
Teacher, GCSE Student

We engaged the services of Language Tuition Nottingham to help develop the Spanish skills of key individuals in our business, given the increasing internationalisation of TDX Group. I have been very impressed by the progress made – enabled by the structured yet flexible tuition provided by Tania. The ‘students’ all started with different experience and proficiencies, but she has created an environment where everyone can learn and develop at their own pace – striking the right balance between a ‘fun’ environment and a focused learning discipline. We continue to use LTN as we move into more advanced language courses.

Adrian Crean
Managing Director, TDX Group

“Very professional and dedicated teaching team. The central Nottingham location is very convenient and their offices are modern, comfortable and beautiful. I would highly recommend them!”

Pelin Demirel
Lecturer, Nottingham University, Private Tuition Student

“My son was living with me in Oman and we could not find any Spanish schools where he could do his A Level Spanish. We came across Spanish Tuition Nottingham and decided to sign up and try the On-line Spanish tuition they provide through Electa Live. Tania his teacher was wonderful and helped my son to pass his A level with a good grade in a matter of months. My son had not even done GCSE or level in Spanish prior to his studies with Spanish Tuition Nottingham so this was a remarkable achievement. I would not hesitate recommending STN to anyone in a similar situation “

Khurram Shahid

I would definitely recommend Language Tuition Nottingham if you are looking to learn a language in a relaxed atmosphere and progress at your own pace. We do a lot of speaking in class, which is great as this is the most difficult skill to practise on your own at home, and it’s a big advantage to be able to learn from a native speaker. If you are very motivated you can do a lot of additional work independently as Arrate is always telling us about different websites that we can go on, and the Spanish grammar books she suggested are easy to use. As adult learners, we all have different reasons for wanting to learn Spanish and different amounts of spare time to put into it, which is why this flexible, approach works so well.

Jennifer Jackson (26)
French Teacher, AS Spanish Level Student

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning Spanish with Arrate. It’s the first time I’ve stuck at language learning as she makes it so enjoyable and explains so clearly. I can’t recommend her private tuition enough!

Franca Supran (33)
Primary School Teacher, Private Tuition Student

I wanted to learn Spanish several years ago but after trying a conversational evening class without much success I decided to try Spanish Tuition Nottingham with Arrate on a One-to-One basis. I had a greater flexibility to arrange lessons around my work (and social life) and because it was One-to-One I could go at the pace I needed. She is a very patient and encouraging teacher which has helped build up my confidence. Classes were always varied and I built up the foundations of Spanish through talking about our lives at that time, which kept learning fresh and interesting. After about two and a half years I have now joined one of Arrate’s a weekly group session. This is helping me build more on the conversation side of Spanish by talking and listening to others at the same level. It has been a great experience to try to learn Spanish, as a mature student, since I was not very adept at languages when I was at school. It has also made my holidays to Spain a lot more enjoyable.

Carol (39)
Pattern Cutter, Private Tuition and Upper-Intermediate Level Student

There is such a big gap between getting by and being able to converse confidently in a foreign language. I really wanted to take that step but, after a two year gap, I was about to accept that there wasn’t a class for me until I enrolled with Spanish Tuition. The lessons have good pace, a mix of lively people, a sympathetic teacher who actually makes it fun – as well as making you think. Then there are optional extras like going to see a Spanish film. I have to travel an hour to get there, as I can’t find any of the same quality near me, but it’s worth it. I certainly recommend Spanish Tuition!

Sue Baron (50)
Campsite Owner, Upper-Intermediate Level Student

Arrate has helped me improve my Spanish to no end. When I first started having lessons with her I was shy and lacking confidence speaking in Spanish. After 6 months of her patient and encouraging methods, my Spanish is unrecognisable. Arrate is a thorough teacher and has helped me transform my spoken, written and listening skills and helped me achieve notably higher grades. I have very much enjoyed her lessons and her friendly, social approach and would recommend her to anyone looking to learn or improve their Spanish.

Lucy Robinson (22)
University of Nottingham, Private Tuition Student

Having learned other languages using private lessons, I decided to try learning Spanish in a class environment. I started from scratch going through the Beginners courses and am currently going through intermediate. I am learning loads and the lessons with Tania are excellent. The atmosphere in her classes is great and makes learning thoroughly enjoyable. If you want to learn Spanish then this is the place to come.

Ian Rankin (45)
Intermediate student

I started learning Spanish at the University but found that my language skills have improved a lot more since having one-to-one lessons with ‘Language Tuition Nottingham’. I wish I had found out about them before!! The tutors are very friendly and allow me to learn at my own pace. They have also given me a really good appreciation of Spanish culture which only makes me want to learn more. Spanish Tuition Nottingham found me a Spanish Penfriend who I exchange emails with in order to improve my written skills, a really good fun to learn and progress.

Graham Lupepe (26)
Nottingham Trent University, Private Tuition Student

After beginning my Spanish studies elsewhere, I started learning Spanish with Arrate through a GCSE class at a local college. I then decided to continue to A-Level with Arrate and to take private conversation classes with Tania. Our classes have a friendly, informal atmosphere whilst also tackling all the relevant grammar and my private classes have helped improve my spoken Spanish significantly.

Sarah Pybus (29)
Translator, AS Spanish Level Student

Having just completed the taster Spanish Course with Spanish Tuition Nottingham I would certainly recommend them to leaners at all levels. Tania and Arrate have made my introduction to the language both fun and very informative. For a 5 week course the amount of information I was given was excellent and has given me an excellent start to not only the language but the culture as well. The group taster course was fantastic and I will definitely now continue my studies with them and carry onto the Beginners Course, being taught by a native Spanish has really assisted the learning and understanding. All round excellent experience.

Lorraine Stephens (28)
Recruitment Consultant, Beginners Level Student

I have enrolled onto Intermediate Level Spanish taught by Tania. The quality of teaching is very good and Tania is able to explain the Spanish grammar with ease and without confusion. The class is very light hearted making it feel less like ‘school’ and more like an opportunity to engage with others that are keen to learn Spanish.

Simon Collins
Centre Leader, Intermediate Level Student 

Spanish Tips

• Hello/Hi - Hola

• Have a good day - Que pase un buen día

• How are you? - ¿Cómo estás?

• What is your name? - ¿Cómo te llamas?

• Nice to meet you - Encantado/a

• Who are you? - ¿Quién eres?

• Thank you - Gracias


Before finalising the payment, make sure you get in touch with us via email to confirm the date and time of your appointment. Once payment is finalised, you will receive a payment and booking confirmation email from us which you can print for your own records.

Cancellation & Rescheduling

A 48 hour notice period is necessary for cancellations and the rescheduling of on-line private tuition. However if we, Spanish Tuition Nottingham, provider of the service have any technical issue prior or during the lesson which hinder or prevent the session from being carried out successfully we will reschedule the session.
Prior to the lesson students must have tested their equipment and make sure they have a fast enough internet connection. Failure to do this could result in a charge to cover the booked slot. If you have any queries feel free to contact us via email or telephone.


We do not issue any refund once the course has started or if you are unable to attend as the places are limited. A 48 hour notice period is necessary for cancellations and the rescheduling of private tuition appointments. A £25.00 deposit is paid at the beginning of the session to cover the failure of notification required for the rescheduling of a session. The deposit will be returned when you choose to finish the lessons. If you have any queries feel free to contact us via the payment queries form to the right or by using the contact details shown on our contact page.


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