Abusive Behaviour Policy

At Language Tuition Nottingham (LTN) we are committed to creating and maintaining a supportive and welcoming environment within the school and company. We promote respectful behaviour amongst staff, students, and partners, and do not accept any aggressive, dangerous, or inappropriate behaviour that can affect staff, students, partners, and their families. We promote respect for diversity and creating a harmonious environment in which to study and work.

Language Tuition Nottingham’s staff, students, and partners must refrain from abusive or other unacceptable behaviour at all times. Abusive behaviour is behaviour or language (written or spoken) that could cause others to feel afraid, threatened or abused. This includes, but is not limited to, threatening emails, telephone calls, meetings, or comments on social media or elsewhere. Unacceptable behaviour means acting in a way that is unreasonable, regardless of the level of one’s stress, frustration, or anger. It may involve, but is not limited to, acts, words or physical gestures that could cause another person serious distress or discomfort.

In the event of inappropriate behaviour by our staff, students, partners, or their families, LTN management will take the necessary action to resolve the issue and if required will refer it to the relevant authorities (such as the police).

Serious or repeated actions that cause staff, students, partners, or their families to feel threatened or abused will result in dismissal/exclusion from LTN employment/services.


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