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Why study English with us?

There are so many reasons why learning English is important! Whatever your plans – international business; developing your career, studying in an English-speaking university, or simply making friends all over the world – Language Tuition Nottingham is here to help you!

  • We offer fun, practical and interactive lessons to develop the confidence and language required to communicate with others in English.
  • Our English courses are accredited by the British Council.
  • As well as studying grammar and vocabulary, you will learn about British culture through songs, games, and videos.
  • Lessons taught by friendly, qualified and experienced tutors.
  • Our General English and Exam preparation courses run from Monday-Thursday, so you have long weekends to travel and experience the local culture (or for extra study and practice!).
  • Or you can join our Friday morning study cub: we have study workshops, social learning activities, and self-study resources.
  • Study in a beautiful traditional building in the heart of the city – only 2 minutes away from the city centre’s best independent shops, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Small groups (average of 8, maximum of 16), so you know you will get lots of attention from your teacher.
  • We have courses for a wide range of levels – Beginner to Advanced (A1-C1).
  • Excellent value!

Our Courses

Part time courses:

General English:

  • 12 hours of classes each week. Learn essential grammar and vocabulary, and practice reading, listening, writing, and speaking in a fun environment.
  • Monday – Thursday, 9:00am – 12:30pm (with 30min coffee break).
  • Normal price £220 per week 
  • Sale price: £165 per week! Available until March 28th 2024 ******

IELTS Academic Exam Preparation:

  • 9 hours of classes per week. Prepare for the internationally recognised IELTS exam, while developing your academic vocabulary, writing and speaking skills.
  • Monday – Thursday, 1:30 – 3:45pm.
  • £115 per week 

Friday morning study club:

  • Join in a variety of study workshops, exam-practice, social learning activities, and access our collection of self-study materials.
  • Friday 9.30am – 12.30pm
  • £35 per week

Full time courses

General English with Study support:

  • 15 hours of classes per week.
  • Combine our General English course with Friday Study club.
  • Normal price £235 per week
  • Sale price: £175!
  • Available until March 28th 2024 ******

Intensive English program 1 (General English and IELTS exam preparation):

  • 21 hours of classes per week (or 24 hours with Friday Study club).
  • Combine our general and academic English courses.
  • Normal price £270 per week (Monday to Thursday only) or £295 per week (with Friday study club).
  • Sale price: £260 (Monday to Thursday) or £267 (Including Friday study club) per week! Available until March 28th 2024******

Intensive English program 2 (General English with 1 to 1 lessons):

Take control of your learning and combine our general English course with extra 1 to 1 tuition!

  • 21 hours of classes per week (12hrs of group lessons and 9hrs of 1 to 1)
  • Access to our Friday study club
  • From £365 per week

English lessons with volunteering:

Classes from Monday to Thursday from 9.00 to 12.30. 12-hours group lessons during the week, 3-hours private tuition per week, plus volunteer in the afternoon £250 per week.


* Note these courses are currently only available for students over 16.

** Students who are enrolling for courses of longer than 3 weeks will be required to buy a book for each course. Coursebooks are available from the school for £35 (or £15 rental)

*** There is an administration fee of £50 for all course bookings of more than 1 week. (*Or £100 for Embassy sponsored students – due to the additional admin required).

**** There may be a waiting list for beginner level courses

***** IELTS preparation courses are not suitable for beginners. An alternative option will be provided for beginner level students who wish to study in the afternoons

****** Please note – sale prices are not currently available to corporate or embassy sponsored students


Term times 2023/2024

Winter/Spring Term 2024:

  • 8th January – 9th February 2024.
  • Half term holidays: 12th – 16th February 2024.
  • 19th February – 28th March 2024.

Spring/Summer Term 2024:

  • 8th April – 24th May 2024.
  • Half term holidays: 27th – 31st May 2024.
  • Monday 3rd June – 19th July 2024.

Summer School 2024:

  • Monday 29th July – 30th August 2024.

* Students may start studying on any Monday.
** However, the final week of term is usually for revision and testing – we do not recommend that students start a new course on this week
*** Note, the school is closed on English bank holidays. Students are not charged for these days.


Accommodation in Nottingham

Language Tuition Nottingham is a small language school, so we currently do not offer or arrange accommodation for  students. We are not involved in monitoring accommodation or clarifying booking arrangements.

Please contact us for more details.


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