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Our private tuition provides a personalised learning experience customised to each individuals needs and is suitable for learners of all levels. With this service you learn at your own pace and can focus on areas specific to you.

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Prices for One-to-One tuition:
£30.00 for 1 hour    (5% discount £28.5)

Prices for One-to-Two tuition ie two students at a time.
£38.00 for 1 hour    (5% discount £36.10)

Prices for One-to-Three tuition ie three students at a time.
£43.00 for 1 hour    (5% discount £40.85)

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Spanish Private Tuition

Terms & Conditions - Refund Policy

Organisational scope

This policy applies to all students who are intending to enrol in a course or private tuition, or who are currently enrolled in one of the courses offered by Language Tuition Nottingham, from now on referred to as LTN.


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to prospective, commencing and continuing students on the circumstances under which students are eligible for fee refunds.

Steps for applying for a fee refund.

The students must present their request to LTN, using the “Fee Refunds form” form in order to request fee refunds or transfer refunds for the course or private tuition. All the fee refunds requests must be taken in person to the Reception of the school or sent by email to:

The written request for a refund is only considered complete, if the form “Fee Refunds form” is signed by the student and is presented together with all the documents that support the application (e.g. travel tickets, doctor’s report or any other documents), and it contains the correct personal and bank details for the refunds to be made.

Refunds will be made by LTN to the person who is described in the “Fee Refunds form”, not to another person.

The student who requests a refund can transfer the funds to another student. If the new student needs to travel to the UK they need to have all the legal documents to travel, e.g. visas and passport in order to process the credit transfer.

Terms & Conditions

LTN will process refunds based on:

  • Before the course or private tuition starts. (*) – Refund of 60%
  • After the course has started but up to 30% completed – Refund of 50%
  • After the course has started but up to 50% completed – Refund of 25%
  • After 50% of the course has been completed – No refund
  • Do not attend the course or private tuition without contacting LTN – No refund
  • Expulsion for not complying with internal policies or doing actions that put other students and teachers at risks – No refund
  • Exchange of the fee for one course to another one – LTN will take into account the 60% of the payment already made.
  • Transfer the fee to another student – LTN will take into account the 60% of the payment already made.
  • If the student participates in illegal activities according to LTN’s Policies and the British law – The refunds will be made to the legal authorities.

(*) The funds must be available 3 working days after the transfer is completed

Non refundable

The following items are non-refundable:

  • Printed study materials (if applicable).
  • Overdue admin payments.
  • Commissions made for payments made by Credit cards.
  • Certificates reprinting cost.
  • Mail, phone, text expenses.
  • Cost of homestay, hotel, etc (if applicable).
  • Transfer cost.
  • Photocopy cost.
  • Cost of exams application.
  • Any other special requests from the student according with the British law.

Visa rejection

If the student visa is rejected before the course starts LTN will refund 70% of the payment made for the student. The student must provide evidence of the visa rejection in order to process the fee refunds.

Course exchanges

If the student wishes to change the course for another one, there will not be any charge if this change is made before the course starts. After the course has started LTN will recognize the 70% of the payment made for the student.

Students can request a course exchange only once. It is prohibited to transfer the payment to another language school.

The course exchange must be approved by the Manager, Angela Lopez.

LTN’s responsibilities.

In the event that LTN cannot deliver the course that the student has paid for, LTN can offer another course to the student or refund the cost of the course.

In the event that the student would like to have a refund, this must be processed in a period of 7 working days from the request, and LTN will refund 100% of the cost.

If LTN stop a course part way through, LTN must transfer the student to another LTN course with no extra costs to the student.  In this situation refunds are not permitted

Refunds Payments.

The approved refunds must be paid into the account designated in the “Fee Refunds form”.

In the event that the bank rejects the payment due to mistakes in the “Fee Refunds Form” LTN will deduct the bank fee from the amount to be refunded.

The cost of the international transfer will be deducted from the amount to be refunded to the student.

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